My First Blog!!!

Yeah! Here I am, writing my first blog! Very excited ^_^

I am not a writer. English is not even my first language. So I am not going to write anything complicated. The only reason I want to create a blog is that I am hoping to share my pregnancy and BUB raising experience with new parents like myself, and also learn from your valuable feedback. Any comments will be highly appreciated and will be great encouragements to me. I will try to write in a diary style (May be in other words, a simple but messy style ^_^). Hope you like the way I write and the messages I am trying to deliver. In addition, I will try to have all articles translated in Chinese and repost them in my blog. These are the two languages I know and I hope to write in both so I can have more readers and more feedback for my own benefit.

Before I start talking about BUBs, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I had a medical degree in China, a master degree and a PhD in Australia, as well as postdoctoral training in America. I have been taking care of my son HIM almost all by myself since he was born, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I also have a PUG named NANA who is 8 years old. I am not trying to say that I studied well and I have been taking care of my son for almost 11 months, so I can teach people how to take care of their BUBs. On the contrary, I am saying even if you are well educated in some areas, when it comes to babies, you encounter as many issues or difficulties as everybody does. Unfortunately, whatever you have already learned in school or during work do not help in these situations.

People may think that it must be difficult and stressful experience for me to do all these studies. However, I will have to say that I have never felt any pressure in my life before my son HIM was born. Study and work are “adult activities” which can be “controlled” and “arranged” well, while “BUB activities” are just sometimes out of control. Before having our BUB, we may have already read some articles or books about how to raise a baby, and we may imagine that we can calmly “manipulate” this little person. However, when our BUB has really arrived to our family, we just realize that babies are not machines. Rules or principles do not apply to all babies, and we are actually kind of being “manipulated” by this tiny little angel. Although growing up with this adorable little person is definitely the most beautiful experience we have ever had, we sometimes feel lost and panic because things seem to be out of control.

I have been to the community parenting classes every week with HIM since he was born until he reached 6 months. The midwives conducting the classes have given tremendous help to new parents including myself. I have also joined some mothers’ discussion groups on social media. Discussions with other MUMs have always given me new insights into my own journey with HIM. Therefore, I strongly believe that sharing is a good way of learning during parenthood. I sincerely invite you to share your valuable experience with me and all those friendly people reading my blog. Let us make great efforts together, stay positive, and arm ourselves to be a better parent.

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