Cuski Kids Pillow - rounded up as one of the top 5 toddler pillows in the world (2012), & Gold award in childcare! 


Best for ages between 2 and 10 years old.

Cuski believes not giving your child the correct pillow could cause future neck and back problems...leading to sleep deprivation - and not only for your child!

Cuski has developed its first orthopaedic pillow; sized and shaped to give essential neck support for your growing child. It can help to eliminate future neck and back problems, pain, arthritis and poor blood circulation.

It also helps to induce a more restful sleep for your child.

The neck with its seven sensitive vertebrae, receives little support from a conventional pillow, which is often why we tend to try and "scrunch" the pillow in order to get comfortable.

PREVENTS PINS & NEEDLES in young children.

Even when a comfortable position has been found, it is difficult to maintain the proper support as the shoulders tend to push the pillow out of place.

Children don't know how to do this, so the Cuski pillow provides this vital support. The Cuski Pillow is made of heatresponsive visco-elastic memory foam, which has been anatomically designed to:

  • Continuously self adjust to relieve pressure points
  • Mould to accommodate growing shoulders and natural curves
  • Keep the spine correctly aligned, allowing muscles and ligaments to relax
  • Reduce tossing and turning, thus creating optimum comfort whilst your child is sleeping 

The Original Cuski Kids Orthopaedic Pillow is protected by a 100% cotton-knitted cover. The pillowslip is made using the famous Cuski Comforter Material.

A Cuski cotton bag is supplied for carrying the pillow to nursery and sleepovers.


Safety standards:

The Cuski Kids Pillow complies with both BS7175 & BS5852


Age suitability:

Suitable from 2 years - 10 years



40 x 25 cm.

Height is 5.5cm at the lowest point and 8.5cm at the highest.


Made from:

Pillow is made from memory foam and covered with cotton

The Cuski bamboo fibre pillowcase is supplied with your pillow in cream Cuski Comforter fabric.


英国 Cuski 宝宝矫形枕头


• Cuski宝宝矫形枕头特殊设计的尺寸和形状为成长中的宝宝提供必要的颈部支撑

• 为2~10岁宝宝的睡眠需求而设计

• 可以帮助消除未来可能发生的颈部和背部问题,包括疼痛、关节炎和血液循环不良

• 为宝宝带来更安宁的睡眠

• 在2012年被列为世界五大最佳幼儿枕头之一

• Gold Award in Childcare

• 外层:100% 纯棉针织

• 内芯:著名的 Cuski Comforter 材料

• 符合 BS7175 和 BS5852 标准

• 尺寸:40 × 25厘米

• 最高点 8.5厘米,最低点5.5厘米


• 人类颈部有7个敏感的椎骨,传统枕头难以在睡眠中对这些椎骨提供支撑,这个问题使用Cuski宝宝矫形枕头可以得到很好的解决。


• Cuski宝宝矫形枕头枕头采用热敏感粘弹性记忆海绵制成,符合人体解剖学设计,可以连续自我调节以缓解压力点,适应宝宝不断成长的肩部颈部自然曲线,保证脊柱正确对齐,让肌肉和韧带放松,在宝宝睡眠时提供最佳舒适度。


• 产品包括:

1. Cuski 宝宝矫形枕头

2. Cuski宝宝矫形枕头配套枕头套(奶油色)

3. Cuski 棉布袋 (方便携带到幼儿园和旅行)

Cuski Kids Orthopedic Pillow