To celebrate 40 years of Usborne Publishing, the iconic Farmyard Tales collection has been re-issued for a new generation of children.


• Introduces Mrs. Boot the farmer, her children Poppy and Sam, Rusty the dog, Curly the pig, Woolly the sheep and all the other animal characters at Apple Tree Farm. With a Little Yellow Duck to spot on every page.


• Twenty gentle stories that have already delighted three generations of children.


• Best bedtime stories.


Industry Reviews

'This is great first story book which grows with the child to the point where it also supports their first reading skills' - Storysnug


First Published: 01/07/2013
ISBN: 9781409562924
Number Of Pages: 328 pages

Format: Hardcover

Dimensions: 216 x 216 x 32mm

Weight: 1.2kg


为了庆祝著名的童书出版社 Usborne Publishing 成立40周年,标志性的 Farmyard Tales 系列重新发行!


本书角色包括 Apple Tree Farm 的农夫 Boot 太太,她的孩子 Poppy 和 Sam,小狗 Rusty,小猪 Curly,绵羊 Woolly 和 Apple Tree Farm 的其他小动物。每一页都有一只小黄鸭让宝宝锻炼“侦查能力”。


• 包括20个温柔的故事


• 是三代小朋友最棒的睡前故事。


行业评论: “这是一本很棒的孩子的第一本故事书,与孩子一起成长到可以发展他们的第一阶段阅读技巧的程度”-Storysnug






尺寸:216 x 216 x 32mm


Complete Book of Farmyard Tales - 40th Anniversary Edition