Pre-order products are the goods which we are planning to bring to our store. The purpose of pre-order is to let us know if a particular product is welcomed by our customers, and thus to decide if we should bring it to our store. To thank you for your support with our decision making process, you can enjoy a discount of 90% RRP if you order the pre-order products now.



Note that we may keep adding products to this page until we place the next order with our suppliers. You are welcome to come back to this page, add more products to your cart and submit your order to us. You do not need to make any payment when you place your order with us now. We will inform you to make the payment altogether before we submit the order to our suppliers. From the day we receive your payment, it may take 3 to 15 weeks for us to send the products to you. This is mainly due to the international shipment time. The time difference is due to the availability of international shipment methods provided by our suppliers for that particular product.


Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Enjoy A Discount!!