(1) How do we set our price?

For the products available locally in Australia, we try to match our price with other retailers. For the products imported from overseas, we set the price at (RRP at the original country + GST at the original country + Australian GST). For example, if the RRP of a training cup is JPY500 in Japan, while Japanese GST is 8%, its price in our store will be (JPY500 + 8% × JPY500) × 110% = JPY594 = AUD6.99. 

(2) How can we prove the genuineness of our products?

We have the delivery note, dispatch note and custom declaration note for all of our products if they are imported from overseas. If you are a first time customer to us and are in doubt of any of the products in your first purchase, we are more than happy to send you the information above through email to prove the genuineness of our products. Unfortunately, due to the significant work load we have, we will only be able to provide such information for up to 3 products in your first purchase, and this service will not be available from your second purchase onwards.

(3) What are the products in "The Aussies" section?

The products in "The Aussies" section are those available locally in Australia. You may also find them in supermarkets, pharmacies, or other online stores in Australia. They are not necessarily made in Australia. We try to give detail information on the country of manufacture for all of our products for your reference.


Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.