I am Angela, the owner of Angel BeBe Baby Online Store. I have been living in Hongkong, mainland China, Sydney and San Francisco for an extensive period of time. I was a passionate vision scientist before my son was born. In 2016, life has opened a new chapter, and "How to make my little boy HIM happy and strong" has become the most challenging and rewarding research topic to me.

While taking care of my son HIM and my dog NANA at home, I enjoy exploring baby products all over the world, most of which are not yet available in the Australian market. One day, an idea has come to me. "Why not introduce these fabulous products to Australian parents?" I believe all new parents have the same feeling as I do. We always want to bring the best to our kids.

I started comparing products of different brands and from different origins, from their appearance, to price, to quality, to functionality. As a researcher, I am an extremely rational person, this was not hard work to me at all. On the contrary, comparing different products has given me so much fun and I have started falling in love with these tasks. I always kept one thing in mind when I was doing this: "Look for the best products as what I would like my son HIM to have them". It was a great help with this philosophy in my mind when I was searching for new products to bring to my store.


After 6 months of preparation, Angel BeBe Baby Online Store has been proudly open to the public. In addition to our local high-quality products, I have also introduced genuine BUB and MUM products from all over the world, which are all highly recommended by parents like you and me. I hope to provide a joyous shopping journey to Aussie MUMMY, DADDY and your cute little BUB, and wish you a great satisfaction with the products I picked for your cute little angel ^_^


© 2017 by ANGEL BEBE. 

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